All Things Grow With Love

All Things Grow With Love

Experience Bloomer-Rang Iris Farm: Iris blooms, farm fun, and scenic relaxation await! Contact us now!

We are CLOSED for In-Person Visits IRIS SALES OPEN until July 15th! Email WELCOME to Bloomer-Rang Iris Farm!We are CLOSED for In-Person Visits IRIS SALES OPEN until July 15th! Email WELCOME to Bloomer-Rang Iris Farm!

Seasonal Iris Farm in Wilhoit, AZ

Explore the Bloomer-Rang Iris Farm with Your Family! Spend a day walking through the rows and rows of beautiful Irises in full bloom. Bloomer-Rang Iris Farm allows you to search through our hundreds of varieties of Iris flowers either in person or online to select the ones you want to plant in your own garden. We take your selection, carefully pack it up once the season is over, and send it to you!

Chickens and horses and festivals, oh my! Bloomer-Rang Iris Farm has a range of fun activities for friends and families who visit. Explore the farm, meet the animals, or enjoy the comfortable Bloomer-Rang lounge!

  • Visit the Gallery of Blooms page, choose the irises that you can’t live without, then send us an email to secure your order ( Make sure to include your Name, Phone Number, Address, List of Irises and Quantity of each. We’ll send you an email confirmation once we receive your order.

  • In June, we will send you an official invoice; feel free to add to your order up until this time. Your invoice will include instructions on payment methods. If we do not receive your payment by the time we start digging up the rhizomes, your order will fall to the end of the line and you may not receive everything on your list. We will send out several reminders in June to give you ample opportunities to make your payment.

  • Beginning in July, we meticulously dig and prepare the rhizomes for distribution (in the order that we received your request). Local customers can pick up their orders at Bloomer-Rang Iris Farm or the Prescott Farmer’s Market (we will notify you when your order is ready for pickup). All other orders will be mailed to your doorstep. These resilient flowers endure transit without wilting. Upon arrival, promptly plant them for future flourishing.

Benefits from buying Iris Bulbs from Bloomer-Rang Iris Farm & How The Process Works

When you wander our fields of fully bloomed Iris flowers, you get to see EXACTLY how the rhizome variety you buy will look when you plant it in your own garden. While it’s tempting to buy and cut the flower outright, you miss out on the opportunity to watch it bloom year after year. Irises are an incredible hardy flower, so you can count on their continued beauty throughout the years.

Pick your favorite Iris flowers and write down name and how many you want.

Once the spring bloom is over, we dig and pack up the rhizomes to ship to your home. Irises are a hardy flower, so you don’t have to worry about them withering or dying during transit. If you are local you can pick up your rhizomes at the farm or our local farmers market!

Once you receive your irises, we recommend you plant as soon as possible to preserve the flower and get it ready for next bloom season! Not sure how to plant? Don’t worry – we send the rhizomes along with instructions or you can check out our FAQ page!

Discover the beauty and fun at Bloomer-Rang Iris Farm!

Discover the beauty and fun at Bloomer-Rang Iris Farm!

Join us for a memorable adventure filled with colorful blooms, farm activities, and serene scenery.
Contact us now to plan your visit!

Meet the Owners

Rich and Lisa Fahey.

Hi Bloomer-Rang Family! My name is Lisa & my husband is Rich! I recently retired from a 37 year private childcare career, and Rich is still working as a Manufacturing Engineer at Intel! We decided to celebrate my retirement and took a day trip to check out a farm that was for sale on a suggestion from a friend. Holy moly! The minute we stepped foot on this beautiful farm, we knew that this was the place for us! We hurried back down to the valley and on a wing and prayer, we listed our house in hopes the market would shine down on us! Well, three days later our house was under contract and we made the offer on this incredible slice of heaven! Less than one month later we were moving to the beautiful little town of Wilhoit, Az! A brand new adventure awaited us, as we knew nothing about flower farming! We jumped in and made the decision to make this farm an experience for all to enjoy!

Bloomer-Rang Iris Farm Owners

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